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Proteinful delivers the nutrition info you need in a tap! Use the Proteinful iOS app to quickly see the Proteinful™ score of any packaged food, so you can decide whether the foods and drinks you’re shopping for have a protein density high enough to meet your nutrition goals.

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What is Proteinful?

Search by name for a food product or scan a barcode on your food item

Check the Proteinful score to determine the protein density of your food and compare it to other options

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Up the protein. Cut the sugar.

Increasing the amount of protein in your diet is a key factor in improving your overall nutrition and health. But with so many packaged foods being marketed as ‘High in Protein’ while they are also actually ‘Extremely High in Sugar’, it can be difficult to choose the best foods to reach your nutrition goals.

Filter out the unimportant

Reading the nutrition labels on foods can be an overwhelming task at the supermarket! The Proteinful™ score makes it easy to focus on the nutrition information that matters, giving you the information you need to make the right choices for your nutrition goals.

Remember your favorites

Proteinful saves your recent product searches, so you can keep track of your favorite items and compare against new items you’re shopping for.

New recipes added every week

There’s more to a nutritious diet than buying the right foods – that’s why we also share brand new and easy to make high-protein recipes every week.

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